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Dan's Mingay History Part 2

Links updated to include Justin Glenn's 2 volume work on the history of George Washington


Dan's Mingay History Part 1 & 2 I am pleased to introduce Daniel Mingay   He was awarded an M.A. at The University of East Anglia in Medieval Studies.

The Mingay History (Jack Mingay)

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A more detailed explanation of the coat of arms can be found in this delightful sketch by Trevor Mingay who did much work earlier last century There is more from Trevor on other pages. Jacks History James Mingay K.C.


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07040005.JPG (224230 bytes)This site is in tribute to John Walter Mingay (Jack).  Jack spent many many hours researching the family name, and has left us all a great deal of information to enjoy. Sadly Jack left us some years ago. Jo Mingia Burch (USA) has also given us so much. She can be contacted on joburch@bellsouth.net for any US help. My Co- Author Tony has far surpassed my intelligentence on this most daft hobby. He can be contacted on mingay@one-name.org Enjoy.


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