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Prodesse Quam Conspici

'To do good without being conspicuous'

Recently there has been much debate regarding the COA of our family. I would like to point out that any link implied between the Mingay family and the Scottish Menzies family, while tantalizing is actually unproven. All recent research points towards the description by Trevor Hearve Mingay, to be the correct version of the COA.

The colourful woven version on this website, is correct to the best belief of the authors, apart from the motto, which is published above.

Please note there are a number of COA's available commercially on the internet, which may not be correct. Buy with care.

The coat of arms is interesting. James Mingay I was told, had a coat of arms put into a window at St. Peters Church Thetford.  At first glance it does indeed look the same, but there are some major differences. The Motto has changed from Trevor's original, and it appears that the shield is different. The motto reads 'SPES MEA IN DEO'.  Anyone know what this means? robin.mingay@btopenworld.com Perhaps as is quoted in James will it is a mixture of families. I will try to investigate.

The motto on my coats of arms I made up, (shame) Ne Cede Victor, means 'Winners Never Quit.  A bit different to the original which means 'To do Good without being Conspicuous'


Many thanks to John Mingay of Axminster for providing the Photo of the coat of arms from St. Peters Church Thetford

Many thanks to our New Zealand Mingays who have solved this riddle of the coat of arms.  Jack always assumed that the coat of arms in the window of St. Peter's Church photographed above, was that of the Mingays'. Well it turns out as I suspected it isn't.

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I will investigate the other church and report back!