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Glen Jones wrote

I was doing a bit of work on my family history and found your (amazing!) site. - The joys of having an unusual name! - mine is Jones which makes things a tad more difficult.
Anyway, my Great Grandmother was Frances Annie King, who was the daughter of Frances Mingay (d. 16 July 1918) - I think she was born in 1820 - at any rate she was 97 when she died. Attached is a photo of her (grandmother king).
Also attached are scans of 3 photos I have, about which I have relatively little information.
Dr Mingay of Thetford
Mrs Mingay
Dorothy Va
I am pretty sure that Dr Mingay and Mrs Mingay were a married couple - I have the original photo cards which appear to be exactly the same vintage with precisely the same details on the reverse. Written on them is "Gt Grandfather" and "Gt Grandmother" - which would suggest they were Frances Mingaye's parents - but cross referencing that with the family tree on your site suggests that Frances Mingaye's father was William Mingay (priest) not a doctor.
As a further complication, I have a note suggesting that the Mrs Mingay whose photo is above was maiden name Corall - daughter of the Headmaster of the College in Maidstone.
Now I note from your family tree that James Mingay married Eliza Corrall - but from your records they had no children and she died in 1817, and he was a KC not a doctor.
So something is not tieing up there!
On the last one - Dorothy Va - this has an inscription on the back as follows:
Dorothy Va CoHeir of Willm Fuller of Caldecott Hall, Hunts by Elizabeth D, Co Heir of Edward Parker of Derby (Cousin on 1st Earl of Macclesfield). Marr James Mingaye of Thetford DMPS. Photo from Probate in the possession of her Great Grandson Colonel Garnham of Densworth House nr Chichester
I hope this is of interest - I am intrigued to figure out who precisely the photos are and where they fit...
Kind Regards
Glen Jones


Hi, Im looking for Francis D M Mingay( b abt 1825 ?),who married a Mary A Keating( b abt 1825?) in Kelso NSW,Australia in 1845.They had the following KNOWN children,Francis Mingay b abt 1840,and Mary.

Francis then married Johanna Coppock in 1870 in Orange,NSW,they had the following children.

Mary Ann Margaret (my ggrandmother)b  1871 m George Thomas Kemp in Cobar 1887

Ellen Mingay b 1873 in Orange,NSW .D 1881 in Cobar NSW

Jane Frances b 1875  Orange NSW m Phillip Richard Cooper 1895 in Dubbo NSW,Jane d McMahons Pt NSW ,in 1949

Elizabeth Mingay b 1877 in Orange NSW,in 1895 Oswald Francis Mingay was born,unknown father,kept Mingay name,was raized by Johanna(Elizabeth’s mother)there is a lot of info on him on the web.

Elizabeth  then married John Sutherland Richardson in 1899 in Sydney NSW.

Elizabeth died 1941 .

James Mingay b 1879 Orange NSW,m Elizabeth Prosser 1904 in Lithgow NSW.

They had the following known children,James F J Mingay 1904,Mary E 1906,Nellie 1918.

In 1943 Nellie married Augustus William Longhurst (historic Australian pioneering family) in Quirindi NSW.Augustus was on active service in New Guinea and received the military medal and others.He was also killed in action (B’ville)5 days after Nellie herself joined the service.She finished serving till the end of the war.(abt 6 mths).Augustus was first  buried in Barbara War Cemetry but is now buried in Torokina War Cemetry ,Port Morsby, grave 5 row B,plot G.

Nellie was last heard of in Brisbane,QLD.Most of the Mingays and Kemps have seen service.

I have some pictures of Jane Mingay and Phillip Cooper,Mary Ann M Mingay and George T Kemp,Johanna Mingay(Coppock)

I can find nothing on Francis D M Mingay though.Can you help?Regards John Kemp


Dear Robin, 

Below is my Mingay info. Keep up the great work. I'm also contacting Tony as well. Even have some snail mails from him from way back.


John Mingay of Depden married Hannah Pawsey of this parish on 9th October 1763 at Wickhambrook. Both were single and banns were read 18th & 25th September as well 2nd October 1763. Witnesses were Jonathon Smith and Joshua Dowse(clerk).

Wickhambrook baptisms search from 1763 to 1770 with no Mingay baptisms so we presume that they moved away after their marriage.. 

Great Bradley

John and Hannah Mingay then locate their family to Great Bradley, Suffolk.


John Mingay c.11Mar1764


From their son John's christening they came from Hargrave
Susanna Mingay c23Nov1766

Thomas Mingay bapt 17 June 1770      

Robert Mingay bapt.15 June 1773

Hannah Mingay bapt.21 December 1776     

Henry Mingay buried 9 October 1779

Richard Mingay bapt.2 July 1780

All children baptized St Marys Church, Great Bradley, Suffolk England. Their surname was sometimes recorded as Mengay.

For the same chn a different set of baptism dates

Thomas c17Jun1771
Robert c15May1773
Hannah c21Dec1776
Henry c06Sep1778 b09Sep1778
Richard c16Jul1780


Hannah Mingay(nee Pawsey)  was buried on 11th January 1787 at Great Bradley.

John outlives his wife by sometime dying 29th May 1803 age 69 years. St Marys Church, Great Bradley.


 We next find a link into Hundon with Robert Mingay marrying Dorcas Golding by banns. Their marriage occurred on 13th November 1797 with banns being called first on October 29th.  Both Robert and Dorcas were recorded as single and of this parish.

Witnesses to their marriage were Jacob Wright and Thomas Golding. The ceremony was performed by Vicar Thomas P. Foley, at the parish church All Saints.

 Of interest in Hundon is the marriage of Thomas Golding and Elizabeth Langley on 4th August 1773. Hundon was damaged by fire and only Bishop Transcripts remain.

 Robert and Dorcas Mingay have many children;

Mary Mingay born 12 December1798, bapt 16Dec 1798

Robert Mingay bapt 1801 died 30th March 1802 age 30weeks

Elizabeth Mingay born 2ndFebruary1803, bapt 6th Feb

PeggyMingay  born 11 August1806, bapt 11 January 1807, buried 30th January 1807

Thomas Mingay  born 27 April1808, bapt 25 September 1808

Richard Mingay born 24 April 1811, bapt 26 May 1811

Susan Mingay born 1st May 1814, bapt 10July1814

William Mingay born 10 July 1815, bapt 20 August 1815

Hannah Mingay 1818

In 1851 Census we find  Robert Mingay alive age 78, residing with his son Richard.

Robert Mingay was buried 6th January 1852, age 79.

Dorcas Mingay was buried 22nd February 1830.Her age was recorded as age 47 years making her only age 14 when married.


Comments - I refer to the section in this Web site "Mingay History" part 8 and William Thomas Mingay and Arabella Halton (my gggg grandparents). 
Jack who gathered this information and wrote about it was unable to unravel this mystery and I too have faced the same type of problem. Here goes the story so far as I know - William and Arabella had a child William George c.1807 Astbury Cheshire - the christening records lists them as William and Arabella Mingay.  But the same year Jack stated that William Aldophus (who is thought to be also his son but by another wife - Elizabeth) died. Elizabeth lived on for several more years.
I have been unable to find any record of a divorce between William Thomas and Elizabeth Mingay or any marriage records of William Thomas Mingay and Arabella Halton.
When William Thomas died in 1840 in Sandbach Cheshire he left no will and the admin papers were signed by William George Mingay (his son) and Arabella Mingay (his wife - or was she legally ?)
I have copies of Arabellas parents wills who at the time lived in a nearby area of Cheshire.  Her father died in 1810 at which time William George would have been 3yrs old.  The will mentions Arabella and her 2 sisters and names grandchildren, but does mention about them being born in wedlock, William George the 3yr old grandson is not mentioned, infact he speaks about his daughter Arabella as though she is a spinster.  Arabella mother died in 1823 by this time William George would have been 16yrs old, and again he unlike the other grandchildren is not mentioned in the will - it says if Arabella was to die without issue then share was to go to her sisters.
Strange thing is that William George named his youngest son Adolphus - who also died about the same age as William Adolphus.  Wonder if he named him after his possible 1/2 brother ?
Is there anyone out there that can help me with this or has any other info about this - it doesn't matter how little - it could be the missing piece to this puzzle.

Regards Julie...

Thanks Julie, can any body help? reply to wilsonsa@supanet.com


Jo Mingia Burch is trying to find James Minge from Wales

In search of James Minge b.1612 or 1625 from Wales

James Minge b. 1612, wife born 1615 in Wales

James Minge b. 1637 Wales, d. 1711 Va , married Amadea Harrison

James Minge/Menzies came to America with his nephew Thomas Shands was born @  1652 and his  father is shown to be an Alexander Shands of Scotland.  In some records,  James Minge/Menzies is said to have come from Wales to America.  Perhaps  he was in Wales serving the King of England is some capacity.  James  Minge was a major player in Bacon's Rebellion and is said to have written  the laws following the Rebellion.  James Minge was the secretary/clerk to  the House of Burgesses, earning as much as the Governor of  the Virginia Colony.  In the book RELIQUES OF THE RIVES, it states that Mr. Minge was the Secretary of the Colony of Virginia. James Minge and  Thomas Shands married  sisters, daughters of Robert Harrison and his wife  Elizabeth Comins. Please reply to mingia@blueridge.net

In search of Alfred Alonzo Mingay

From Mary Mingay

mary mingay. ! im looking for alfred alonzo mingay who drowned off lowestoft harbour on his ship in about 1890...i dont know where to look though.



Is there anyway to trace this Probate in Canterbury 1597?
               Probate granted in diocese of Canterbury, 18 November 1597
There are Minges associated with it.. In red below
Minges   never ending search!

Will of Thomas Tucker, 1597, July 13. 1 item : parchment ; 28.5 x 32

SUMMARY: Copy of will and testament of Thomas Tucker of the parish of Staple (Kent), yeoman, bequeathing: to Jesus Christ his redeemer his soul, his body to be buried in the church yard; to his son- in-law Thomas Parker, 10 to be paid within a half-year of the testator's death by his executor; to his daughter Joan, the wife of  Bartholomew Watson, 10 within a half-year; to his daughter Elizabeth, the wife of John Minge, 10 within a whole year; to William Kenet and Joan Kenet, the children of his daughter Elizabeth, 5 to be divided between them when they shall come to the age of 21, and if it happen that one do die before that time, then the survivor to be the other's heir; to the other of his children's children when that they shall come to the age of 18 years, to every one of them that be now living, 6s. 8d. a piece; that his executor shall keep and bring up or cause to be kept and brought up William Huffam and Stephan Huffam his daughter's two children till that they come to be 16 years of age, so that they will be rated by him; that his executor shall at the day of his burying give to the poor of the same parish 10s. where he shall see most need. All the residue of his goods, corn, and cattle he gives to William Tucker his son, he paying my bequests who I do make my sole executor; also all the debts that I have owing. Probate granted in diocese of Canterbury, 18 November 1597. With 1 seal (6.5 cm.) of red wax, pendant on a tag: seal of the consistory court of Canterbury.

NAMES: I. Tucker, Thomas. II. Parker, Thomas. III. Watson, John. IV. Watson, Bartholomew. V. Minge, Elizabeth. VI. Minge, John. VII. Kenet, William. VIII. Kenet, Joan. IX. Hall, Edward. X. Huffam, William. XI. Huffam, Stephen. XII. Tucker, William. XIII. Rose, Edward.


From Jo Mingia Burch. Would like help with researching this one.

RINCE GEORGE COUNTY, VA - DEEDS - James Minge to Thomas Holliday, 9 AUG 1712

THIS INDENTURE made ye twenty ninth day of August in the eleventh year of the
reign of our sovereign Lady Queen Ann of Great Brittain &c. And in the year of
our Lord Christ, one thousand seven hundred & twelve between James Minge,
eldest son of James Minge deceased of the County of Prince George in Virginia
of the one part & Thomas Holliday of the County of James Citty in Virginia of
the other part.  Whereas, the saidJames Minge by Indenture bearing date the
28th day of this instant month of August for the considereation therein
expressed did bargain & sell unto the said Thomas Holliday all that, his
tracts or parcell of land  containing five hundred & forty acres lying & being
in the parish of Southmark upon Josephs Swamp in the County of Surry and
bounded as followeth (to witt):

Beginning at a live oak corner tree standing in Robins Meadow near ye mouth
thereof and a little below a branch running out of it thence upon the dividing
line of William Flande's north eighty six degrees & a half easterly one
hundred seventy and three chains to a corner red oak standing in an old line
thence along that line south five degrees easterly six chains to a corner
thence south thirty degrees easterly one hundred & fifteen chains to a forked
black oak standing by a road commonly called Pidgeon Swamp Road thence north
eighty two degrees westerly five hundred fifty & five chains to a corner white
oak standing in a branch of Josephs Swamp then down the said branch & up the
watercourse of the said swamp to the mouth of the aforesaid meadow & up that
meadow to the place where it first began eit? the said lands being part of the
bounds laid out by Mr. John Allen, surveyor of Surry County for two thousand
eight hundred & odd acres for the use of the deceased, Mr. James Minge & is
laid off & surveyed at the request of the first above named James Minge &
granted to him by Pattent bearing date the twenty sixth day of Aprill last
past? (as by the said Pattent may appear) all which said tract of land with
the tenenents, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever with all proffits,
commoditys, priviledges & advantages to the said granted premises belonging or
any waise appertaining with all the reversion & reversions, remainder &
remainders thereof.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said five hundred & forty acres of land with all wood,
underwoods, swamps, marshes, low grounds, meadows, feedings, pastures with all
other hereditaments & appurtenances whatsoever unto the said Thomas Holliday,
his executors, administrators & assigns from the day next before the date of
these present Indenture unto the end & term of one year from thence next
following to the intent that by virtue thereof & of statute for transferring
uses into possession the said Thomas might be in actuall possession of the
premises, lands & tenements & be thereby enabled to take & accept of a Grant &
Release of the Reversion & Inheritance thereof to him, the said Thomas
Holliday, his heirs & assigns forever as by the said recited Indenture more at
large appeareth.

NOW THIS INDENTURE WITTNESSETH THAT like said James Minge, above named for
divers good causes & considerations him thereunto moving but more especially
for in consideration of the sume of sixty pounds in lawfull mony of England to
him in hand at & before the ensealing & delivery of these presents by the said
Thomas Holliday well and truly paid the receipt whereof he, the said James
Minge doth hereby acknowledge himself therewith fully satisfyed & paid & of
every part & parcell thereof doth clearly acquitt & discharge the said
Holliday, his heirs, executors, administrators & assigns forever by these
presents hath given, granted, bargained, sold, remised, released & confirmed &
doth by these presents give, grant, bargain, sell alien, enffeof, convey,
remise, release & confirme unto the said Thomas Holliday, his actuall
possession now being by virtue of the said recited Indenture of bargain & sale
made to him of a year and of the said statute iso? & to his heirs & assigns
the aforesaid five hundred & forty acres of land with the premises &
appurtenances & all the estate rights, title, interests, property, claim &
demand whatsoever of him, the said James Minge, of in & to the same & every
part thereof unto all & singular its rights, members, jurisdictions &
appurtenances together with all libertys, priviledges, profitts, commoditys &
advantages & also all woods & waters, ways, roads,rivers, creeks, swamps,
springs, fountains, marshes, meadows, feedings, pastures & his due share of
all  mine, mines & quarrys with all priviledges & its royaltys of hunting &
haishing? fishing & feishing & all other commoditys & common of pasture
hereditaments & appurtenances whatsoever unto the said lands & premises
belonging to appertaining or to any part thereof in a large & ample manner as
it is granted to the said James by his Pattent & all the reversion and
reversions & remainder & remainders thereof & every part thereof.

TO HAVE & TO HOLD the said lands, tenements, hereditaments & the premises with
all the appurtenances herein before mentioned to be granted to the said Thomas
Holliday, his heirs and assigns & to his and their proper use & behoof
forever.  And the said James Minge, for him, his heirs, executors &
administrators & assigns doth covenant & grant to and with the said Thomas
Holliday, his heirs & assigns in manner following (that is to say) that he,
the said James Minge, at the time of sealing & delivery of these presents hath
good rightfull power & lawfull authority to sell & convey the said land &
premises with all the appurtenances to the said Thomas Holliday, his heirs &
assigns forever in fee simple & that by virtue of these presents, the said
Thomas, his heirs or assigns shall for ever hereafter be & stand lawfully
seized of a good, pure, perfect, absolute, indefizable estate of inheritance
in fee simple of in & to the said granted lands & premises with the
appurtenances shall & may from time to time forever hereafter quietly &
peaceably enter into & upon the said premises & have, hold, use, occupy,
possess, enjoy, the same & every part thereof peacably & quietly without the
lawfull lett suitt hindrance dis-turbance, eviction, interuption or ejection
of him, the said James, his heirs, or assigns or any other person whatsoever &
that he, the said James, his heirs, executors & administrators shall & will
for ever hereafter WARRANT & DEFEND him, the said Thomas, his heirs & assigns
in the quiett possession & enjoyment of the said mentioned to be granted lands
& premises & every part thereof free & clear of & from all former & others
grants, bargains, sales, ffeefmints,? mortgages, jointures, dowers leases,
judgments & extensions & incumbrances, rents or services whatsoever by him or
them to be ujectded? or paid to any person for the same (only the quit-rents
due & of rights accustomed to be paid to our sovereign Lady the Queen, her
heirs & successors for the same premises only excepted & foreprized.  And the
said James Minge, for himself, his heirs &c. doth further covenant & grant to
& with the said Thomas, his heirs, and assigns (that is to say) that he, the
said James, his heirs, shall & will from time to time & at all times for &
during the terme & time of tenn years next ensuing the date of these presents
at ye reasaonable request & at the costs & charges in the law, of the said
Thomas, his heirs, or assigns, make seal deliver execute & acknowledge all &
every other further lawfull & reasonable act & acts, thing & things, deeds,
conveyances & assurances in the law whatsoever for the further better & more
perfect assurance pure? making & conveying the said granted lands & premises
with all the appurtenances to the said Thomas Holliday, his heirs & assigns

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the said James Minge, the party to these presents hath sett
to his hand & seale the day & year first above written.

                                                      James Minge
                                                        with a wafer
In presence of:
John Rokes?
Thomas Cussons?
William Kenhair?
                           At a court held at Southmark for the
                           County of Surry Aprill ye 15th 1713

This day appeared in court the within named James Minge & did acknowledge the
within specifyed contents to be his reall act & deed which is ordered to be
recorded & is recorded by:

                                                John Allen, Cl. Cur.

Also appeared in court John Allen & did by virtue of a Power from Ruth Minge,
wife to the within named James Minge freely relinquish her, the said Ruth's,
rights of dower of in & to the within mentioned land and premises which is
ordered to be recorded & is recorded by:

                                                   John Allen, Cl. Cur.



Robin, This Thomas Shands was my James Minge's secretery.. Or at lease  one of the Shands..  Are you able to connect the family below to your line???
I wonder why it is listed here?
Thomas Shands According to Hotten's "The Original Lists of Persons of Quality. . . ," p. 234, Nicholas Comins (Comon) and his wife Ellen came to America in 1622. On 1 Sept 1639, he acquired 200 acres of land in Charles City Co. He was born about 1602 in London, England, and died 24 Apr 1656 in York County, VA. (Source: Fleets Abstracts) Will was dated 12 Sept 1655. Names son Nicholas who married Elizabeth Hooper; daughter, Elizabeth Harrison, wife of Robert Harrison and Elizabeth's three children (not specifically named). Executrix: wife Ellen (sic). Wife Ellen (Eleanor) Elison. She died 1660 in Hampton Parish, York Co., VA. They had two children: Nicholas Jr. And Elizabeth. Nicholas (the elder) may have had a brother Edward Comins, born about 1607 in London, England. He possibly married an Elizabeth_______. Father of Nicholas was a William Cummye. The following additional information comes from a different source and adds a daughter Elizabeth Harrison to the above list, in which purports to be the will of Robert Harrison. It gives no further information about either Nicholas or James Harrison, but does give the following: (2) Robert Harrison was a builder and erected the brick prison or jail in Yorktown and perhaps the Custom House located there. (4) Amadea Harrison was mentioned as the grandchild of Mrs. Eleanor Wheeler in her will in 1660, together with her son Nicholas Comins, and Amadea Harrison, after having been previously married once or twice, finally married James Minge, the Clerk of Charles City County, Virginia, and they were the parents of a Robert Minge, who married Mary Hunt, daughter of William Hunt and Tabitha Minge. This last marriage produced Tabitha Minge, who married Hutchins Burton, who was the father of Col. Robert Burton, of Granville County, North Carolina. Hutchins Burton moved from Virginia to Granville County, where he had a tragic ending. (5) Frances Harrison married Thomas Shands, the father of William, who patented lands in Surry, VA, in 1722 and married Nazareth Roberts {RoBards}, daughter of John Roberts (sic), of Surry County, who left a will in 1740. They had one son named William Shands. This William died leaving a will in Surry, County, VA, in 1759, in which is named sons Thomas, John and William Shands, and three daughters whose Christian names are omitted by who married respectively, one a man named Stuart {William}, another a Nathaniel Mitchell, and another a certain Christopher Golightly."


Hi Robin
 Late last year I started tracing my family and came across the Mingay  name.
 My 4 X Great Grandparents are Henry Swan 1781 and Sarah Mingay 1781
 Sarah's parents are Gregory Mingay 1751 of Westley Waterless and Sarah  Mead.
  I have been unable to find any other children from this marriage -  does
 anyone know if Gregory had any other children.


 Gregory's parents are Thomas Mingay and Sarah Gregory - the only details I 
 have are the marriage on 10 Oct 1748 in Westley Waterless.  Their children  are
 Thomas 1749 - Gregory 1751 - Henry 1753 - Henry 1854 and Mary 1759.
 Any further information on these families would be much appreciated.
 Best Regards Jacky