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Just a couple of questions I asked Jo….

  Robin:            Jo, how did you get into researching the family name?

  Jo:               In 1965, I became interested in the research of my ancestors. My  maiden name is Mingia, however, I have found that the name has been spelled many ways in the US. Some ways are: Minga, Mingay, Minge, Mingea, Mingee, Minges, Mingey, Minggee, Minggia, Mingia,  Mingua, Mingue, Mingy, Mynge.

This is such an unusual name, that I thought it would be easy.. Now I find that the spellings make it difficult. The name may be spelled differently in the UK as well.

When I found the first ancestor who came to the Virginia  colony, the information stopped there at the Atlantic shore. For years, I have tried to link to the UK and Wales. Only in the past year have I found who seems to be my cousin, Robin Mingay.  I will be proud to claim Robin as kin no matter what!

James Minge had a very prominent place in the colonies. There is a great need to link James to his homeland and genealogy line. 

  Robin:            Lee has an interesting line too, what can you tell us about that?

Jo:                    We are very interested in our roots. In tracing my husband's ( Lee Burch) ancestry, we have found that he is the 11th great grand son of Pocahontas. Pocahontas was a Powhatan  Indian princess who married  John Rolfes (US tobacco planter).  While visiting  England, she became ill and died at Gravesend, England 1617.  Pocahontas is buried near a Church in England. We  hope to visit there some day.

Another interesting side note is that Lee's ancestor was Robert Buckner Bolling who married Sarah Minge. Sarah Minge is of the line Jo is following.  There was a Bolling Hall in Bradford, UK. 

  Robin:            What other other information do you feel would be good, plus perhaps a short message to the UK Mingays?

 To the UK Mingays

It is very exciting to find connections in the UK.. Please help us find the father of James Minge b.1612 who is reported to be from Wales. There has been some formation suggesting that he went to Barbados. He may have gone back to England, thus, I lost him on the US Atlantic shore. 

 I would be happy to correspond with any of the Mingays who would be interested.

 We have found another way to prove genealogy connections by DNA .


This should help us a lot.

 Joanne Mingia Burch