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Mingay Road

Yes there really is a Mingay Road in Thetford, Norfolk, UK. It is named after James Mingay who was a local one arms legal whizz kid.

You can read a bit about James from his own page but this is more about his local works.  I plan  a visit to Shotesham to find out a bit more about the man. This page will be updated as and when I get more stuff. There is a map inst should you wish to visit.

Thetford is a small market town in Norfolk, England, and has long felt 'comfortable' to me before I even knew about the Mingay link. If you are ever in the town it is well worth a visit to look up James and have a chat with the locals.

James had offices in the town and paid for the refurbishment of the tower and walls of St. Peters Church.  Two plaques to celebrate this are found in the wall around the church and also a modern one on the tower itself.  The plaque in the wall is inscribed in Latin. See Plaques & Flints

James also had a Chandelier made which now has it's own page.

St. Peters Church stands next to Kings House, where James 1st stayed.  It would have been contemporary to James Mingay as would Thomas Paine


Thetford, town ("parish"), Breckland district, county of Norfolk, England. The town lies on the edge of Thetford Chase Forest. It possesses the remains of a Cluniac priory, a Benedictine nunnery, and a large medieval mound known as Castle Hill. Excavations have revealed traces of a Saxon town of about 4,000 inhabitants with considerable industry and a mint.

Officially designated an "expanded town" for London's overspill population, Thetford has grown since 1960. It has a number of industries, including paper and pulp manufacture, canning, and light engineering. Pop. (1981) 19,593.

Kings House is now a council office but it once hosted King James 1st.  Note the Statue of Thomas Paine, at the front.

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Thetford High St.( June 2000) St. Peters Church Kings House