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1.1. The Mingays of Chigwell c1900-Present

This Page is about my branch of the Mingay Family from My Grandfather Frank to his 5 sons only. 

A brief description of Frank Snr can be found in the PAF section of this site. Frank Snr; Jack's cousin and a man of his time Here some pictures

The date of these is a bit obscure. the colour one I think is May 74. The black and white one I'm unsure about.


This page is dedicated to the late Jim, Norman, Reg, Peter & my dad Frank

 This may be a service record of 'Grandad'




The Business Robin Hood Garage and Mingay's of Chigwell Ltd, now North City Autos (Saab and Triumph Motorcycles)

The garage started out life as a hansom cab firm (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hansom_cab ). Later the motor industry started and it is thought that Mingay's sold Model 'T' Fords for a while. Frank Snr later sold the whole business to his sons and moved to 'Salthaven', which was a beautiful stilted wooden bungalow built near the creek at South Woodham Ferrers.

I well remember the place and Nanna Doris Grandad's second wife, (Gertrude died of cancer), was dark wood on the inside and smelt of Grandad's pipe. He had the most beautiful bureau and ashtrays in the form of saddles and stirrups that straddled the arms of his sofa's. It was at the bottom of a long muddy lane which often needed his Land Rover to come up and tow us down to the house. The stilts were stilts were essential. The winters were cold and wet and we often had to wade through water when the creek overflowed to get to the house. He had a huge picture windows overlooking the creek, which fascinated me as a child. In the summer flies buzzed furiously against the glass to escape the pipe smoke.

Grandad, often gave me a .22 pistol to play with, and blank shells, which I assume he used as a bird scarer. Not quite PC these days, but then neither were the dumb waiters which were painted wooden cut-outs of Negro boys in bow ties and livery with serving trays designed as sofa side trays!

I also remember Aunt Maud and another venerable lady who frequented the home. We spend many happy lazy, sunny summer afternoons picking the most tubby plums you have ever seen off the trees in his orchard.

Unfortunately Doris who was wonderful died of a brain heamorrhage and grandad shortly after that sold Salthaven and moved back to Chigwell to the flat now used as offices to the left of the property. He spent his winters in the Canary Islands, and came home in the summer. I remember well his 80th birthday party at The Rodings' restaurant in Abridge, Essex. Grandad eventually met another partner in the Canary Islands. Her name was Path, who survived him.

Below are some photo's of the Chigwell branch of my family.

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Peter & Sheila. Peter died in 2008 and Sheila in 2010. Two sons Paul & Phil. Pete & Sheila helped to bring me up, and I was known to Sheila as 'Her little soldier'.

Peter & Shiela

You didn't want to play cards with these two.

The boys                  

  Dad around 16 years old. Donated by Paul MingayFrank, my father, died September 2000.

Jim, the eldest died 2007. His wife Eileen died some time ago. His son John is a talented musician and lives in Devon

Norman, died in 2002, Wife Alma was lovely. She died on the Isle of Wight. Read Normans' War Diary

  Peter, died Christmas 2008, survived by his sons Paul & Phil (Dibs)

Reg & Ella, Son David, Reg was the mainstay of the engineering side of the family business. He died in 1980.



Published September 2004

Frank Mingay 2nd May 1927 - 10 September 2000

Frank was the youngest of the 5 brothers always to me, 'The Boys'. He was my dad. He was always a mystery to me as he worked so hard I never really got to know him until we were both adults. Like all of them his intense pride and tenacity made him a success. He was totally devoted to my mother Ann and left all somewhat surprised by his generosity and ability to plan for the future. Frank never wanted me to follow him into the family business, as he felt I needed to have a 'professional' career. This I did, but often wonder if he was right?

He was an accomplished green bowls player and loved his caravanning, which influenced me to buy one some years ago.



Published May 2002

NORMAN MINGAY.    For the second time in 12 months it is with great regret that we have lost another of 'the brothers'.  This time Norman left us. I hope that I will be able to give you some pictures soon. In the meantime: Norman,  Thanks from all of us, we will raise a glass to you for as long as we can. Russell and his wife, recently gave us a fantastic weekend at the family home on the Isle of Wight.  Click here to see the pictures


   Phil Mingay (son of Peter) married Pam Pereira  These are some photo's of the reception. Thanks for the evening Phil & Pam it was great! See pictures here

We are very proud of Daniel Mingay, son of Paul & Sue. Dan came top of his class in his exams this year, and featured on the front page of his local newspaper.  Paul & I can't understand where he gets his brains from, as we're both as thick as 2 short planks. Must be his mother!

Well done Dan. Click on picture below to see full size


PersonalityFamily.jpg (144321 bytes)PersonalityFamily2.jpg (96501 bytes)  These two newspaper clipping are in fact one article. Read the fat one first. The top right hand column of the fat one is in fact the last part of the article, where the skinny bit is a continuation of column one in the fat one.  I hope that makes sense?
ChigwellTimes1956.jpg (517531 bytes)

The article was printed in the  Chigwell Times in 1956 as the Personality Family column. Smacks of James somehow. Incidentally the headlines are still quite topical today, with regard to service cut in the public sector.  the good news is that the Blue Light did go out for a short time but is now back on, and is a thriving nick,(sorry police station for our overseas friends), today.

The Garage is situated opposite Chigwell underground station, and we still own the premises.  The site is leased out presently to North City Auto, and are VOLVO & SAAB dealers, so please buy your VOLVO or SAAB from them.

Chigwell,  town in the Epping Forest district, county of Essex, England, on the River Roding on the northeastern perimeter of the metropolitan area of London. It includes the communities of Buckhurst Hill and Loughton and parts of Epping and Hainault forests. Chigwell was mentioned as Cingheuuella in Domesday Book (1086), the record of the land survey ordered by William I the Conqueror, and was described by Charles Dickens in his novel Barnaby Rudge (1841). The Bank of England printing works is in Loughton, but the area is primarily residential. Pop. (1981) 9,866.

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Willlian Penn was Educated at Chigwell School which is still a very good private school today, and can be found on Kings Head Hill, opposite the Kings Head Publlic House, a haunt it is said of Charles Dickens.

In more recent times times Chigwell & Essex in particular have become famous or should I say infamous for an entirley different reason. A long running sitcom called 'Birds of a Feather' detailing the antics of a couple of East Enders who's husbands are languishing at Her Majesty's Pleasure.  The Essex girl jokes are world renowned, with the Sharon & Tracy, and Kevin types now well established in English, (cheap?), humour.