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Petition of Mary Mingay abt 1643

To the honourable Committee for Tyethes

The humble petition of Mary Mingay of Shotesham the late

wife and now widow of Henry Mingay of Arminghall in the

County of Norfolk Esqr


Humbly sheet that your petitioners husband a bout one and twenty years

since gave unto her by his last will & testament the Impropriacon

or Tyethes of the parishes of Shotesham in the Cou aforsd for

her Jointure it then being her said husbans Inheritance and after

your peticonoers death it is tyed for the paymt of porshons for

her younger Children which she veryly beleive he conceived

he had as good right so to disspose of as any owner of

lands in the said parishes had the theire lands and that it would

be very unresonable to take a way your petitioners livelehoode

her younger Childrens porshons & eldest sonnes inheritance for the

ease of the occupyers of the lands in those parishes who all hould

there lands charged with paymt of tyethes and ptend

no instice to discharge the same with out satisfacon to the own:

of the Tyethes all which your peticonoer humbly prayeth that you

would be pleased to take into your pious consideracon and your

peticonoer shall dayly pray for it


[reverse side]


A coppy of A peticon