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Can you Help Please? 

 In search of James Minge b.1612 or 1625 from Wales

James Minge b. 1612, wife born 1615 in Wales

James Minge b. 1637 Wales, d. 1711 Va , married Amadea Harrison

James Minge/Menzies came to America with his nephew Thomas Shands was born @  1652 and his  father is shown to be an Alexander Shands of Scotland.  In some records,  James Minge/Menzies is said to have come from Wales to America.  Perhaps  he was in Wales serving the King of England is some capacity.  James  Minge was a major player in Bacon's Rebellion and is said to have written  the laws following the Rebellion.  James Minge was the secretary/clerk to  the House of Burgesses, earning as much as the Governor of  the Virginia Colony.  In the book RELIQUES OF THE RIVES, it states that Mr. Minge was the Secretary of the Colony of Virginia. James Minge and  Thomas Shands married  sisters, daughters of Robert Harrison and his wife  Elizabeth Comins.

 Rev. James Minge (b.1625, Wales  ) brought his nephew, Thomas Sands as his secretary to the colonies.

James Minge was Clerk of Assembly during Charles 2nd Reign (1660-1674) He married in Wales about 1634?

The record below tells that James Minge was clerk when this was ordered by the king.. Could that be on records over there in the UK to connect him to this family? 

This is written as a command of the King..

A record of Oct 13, 1674 By his Majesty”s command  Arlington  Charles R. James Minges, Clerk of  Assembly 

Trusty and well beloved we greet you well. Whereas we have thought fit by our commission bearing date the 28 of this instant February out of the confidence we repose in Loyalty Experience Courage and prudent conduct of our trusty and well beloved Sir Henry Chicheley Knight to constitute and appoint him Deputy Governor of that our Colony of Virginia in the want absence and disability of the Governor thereof with full power to discharge the said trust as in and by the said commission relation being thereunto had may more at large appear we have thought fit hereby to signify the same unto you to the end you may receive him as such and in all things give him the respect due to his said place and character. And whereas we do assure ourselves he will be a person very acceptable to you and by his constant care and Vigilance for the Welfare Safety and preservation of that our said Colony deserve a just encouragement  therein form you .We do likewise recommend it to you in the most effectual Manner to make him such an allowance and provision as may enable him to support his said character with all fitting regard to the dignity thereof and particular application to the promoting and principally respected herein. We shall be very ready to contribute to in all occasions wherein you have need of our Royal protection and Sistine and so we bid you farewell. Given at our Court at Whitehall this 28th day of February in the Six and twentieth year of our Reign A.D. 1673-4

Another:  ( these orders seem so important that they should help us connect James Minge because his name appears as clerk on the documents)

Recorded Jas.Minges, Cl Assm. October 13, 1674  By his majesty’s Command Arlington Charles R.

Charles by the Grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c to our Trusty and well beloved Sir Henry Chicheley Knight Greeting. We reposing especial Trust and Confidence in your Courage  Loyalty and prudent conduct do by these presents constitute and appoint you to be Lieut General of all the forces raised or to be raised for our service in our colony of Virginia in America Under our Trusty and Well beloved Sir William Berkley Knight our Governor there you are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the duty of lieutenant General by doing all things thereunto belonging and we do hereby command them to obey you as their Lieutenant General and you are to follow such orders and direction from time to time as you shall receive from us or our Governor there according to the Rules and discipline of War in pursuance of the trust  we repose in you. Given our Court at Whitehall the 20th day of November 1673 in the twenty Sixth Year of our reign.

It would seem that a person described as above, would be easy to trace in England??

I would be so grateful if we could find him in the UK and then link him to his father etc.

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