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An appendix found in Walter’s (Jack’s) notes, which I thought was worth noting here.

The History of the Mingaye Families, written originally by William Robert Mingaye, a Surgeon, and Mayor of Thetford 4 times, he was born 1756,died at the age of 50. He was in my line of the family, this I found out in my researching, I am Walter John Mingay, born November 20th 1920 at Epping. He gave the Mingaye family name by intermarriage up to 1500,who became related to many titled families of England, my research goes far beyond the information of Trevor Herve Mingay, born 1894,died 1972.He was the Grand-son of William Robert Mingaye. He started with a Mingay was related to William the Conqueror, so we must have come from Normandy. The others are as follows.

Percy Earl of Northumberland, they had Alnwick Castle,Alnwick Castle clip.jpg (61257 bytes) which history shows it was the home of the Duke of Northumberland, possession of the Percys, Earls and Dukes since 1309 up to 1999. Sir Henry Percy born 1532? died 1585,was 8th Earl of Northumberland, the brother of the 7th Earl, Sir Thomas Percy. Henry was Knighted 1557,he took part in the War against the Scots 1559 to 1560,and remained Loyal during his brothers rebellion in 1569,but in 1571 began to intrigue (secret commerce of forbidden love) with Mary Queen of Scots and was arrested 1571,and released 1575. It must have been Thomas or Henry Percy who went to William Mingaye’s Civic Feast at Norwich, when he became Mayor of Norwich 1561 for the second time. According to my line of the Mingay family, William was born 1520 at Shotesham near Norwich, so would be my Great, Great, Grandfather. He died 1564,and buried in St. Stephen Church Norwich. For more information see Volume 6.

Henry 3rd King of England 1216 to I272, also the Earl of Lancaster, King of Sicily, for more information see Volume 4.

Grey De Puthuyn Earl of Kent. In Historic Houses I found the following. Earls Grey had Chillingham Castle near Alnwick, I have picked out the early-recorded names, John De Grey who died 1255,and he was Bishop of Norwich 1200 to 1214. Walter De Grey who died 1255 was Archbishop of York; the castle was built in the 12th Century. The 1st Earl of Kent was Edmund Grey, born 1420? died 1489,before him there were 4 Barons. The Mingays must have married into this Earl of Kent, or his Grandson who was Reginald De Grey, born 1362 died 1440,he was 3rd Baron Grey of Ruthin Wales. For more on this family see Volume 8

John of Gaunt, William Bouschier Earl of Epex, now Essex. John of Gaunt was born 1340 died 1399, was Duke of Lancaster. Information on this family continues with, Gaunt or Gant, or Paynell De Maurice, born 1184 died 1230,Baron of Leeds, granted charter to Burgesses of Leeds 1208,Joined insurgent Baron 1216,captured at Lincoln 1217,paid Scutage for lands in 8 Counties 1223. Justice itinerant for Herefordshire, Stratfordshire Shropshire, Devonshire, Hampshire, and Berkshire 122?, died at Brittany, could this be the Grandfather of John of Gaunt. Robert Bouschier died 1549,1st lay Chancellor, and 4 times Knight of Essex, buried at Halstead, where he founded a College. Henry Bousehier Earl of Essex died 1483,buried at Beeleigh Abbey in Maldon. Sir John Bouschier, died 1495,buried at Stebbing, but probably reburied at Beeleigh Abbey in Maldon. Boussier) or Bouschier, John De.Judge acquired Manor of Stanstead, in Helstead, by marring Helen the daughter of Walter of Colchester, he held other adjoining property.

Warren Earl of Warren the line of this family goes from 1486 to 1895,the 1st being, of records I have. Sir Ralph Warren, born 1486 died 1553.Lord Mayor of London 1536 to 1537 and 1544. Arthur Warren died 1605, was a poet, in prison for debt in 1604. Matthew Warren born 1642 died 1706.Nonconformist of St. Johns College Oxford. Sir Peter Warren born 1703 died 1752, Vice Admiral, an Irishman, entered the navy 1717. Monument to him is in Westminster Abbey. ‘1’he last in line is John Byrne Leicester Warren born 1835 died 1895 3rd and last Baron De Rabley, of Tabltey House Cheshire, brought up in Italy and Germany. Barrister at Lincoln’s Inn 1860. 

Alnwick Castle Interior   Alnwick Castle interior.jpg (121187 bytes)

The Mowbray Families, were Dukes, Earls and Barons of Norfolk. Starting from 1125 to 1899 Robert De Mowbray died 1125? Earl of Northumberland 1080,he slew Malcolm of Scotland at Alnwick 1093. Roger De Mowbray died 1188? 2nd Baron, ward of the Crown, joined the Scottish King in the rebellion of 1174,this must have been William 1st ‘the Lion’ who was the king of Scotland 1165 to 12I4.see Volume 7 for line of the Scottish Kings. William De Mowbray died 1222 4th Baron, one of the executors of Magna Charta.

John De Mowbray born 1286 died 1322,8th Baron, Knighted in 1306 ordered to arrest Percy for permitting Gavertons death in 1312. John De 2nd Mowbray died in 1361, 9th Baron, son of John 1st Baron De Mowbray. Released from the Tower of London, and his fathers lands restored to him 1327,serred frequently against the Scots from 1327 to 1337,and 1347 to 135?


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