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This is from the Ancient History, of the Distinguished Surname, Mingay, it is for you to determine, if it is conformable to fact. I can only print what they have printed as far back as the year 870 AD. This goes back to before King Charles of France and Rollo who married Charles daughter. Rollo was born 860 died 932, a Scandinavian,  he had land given to him by Charles, who then called it Normandy.

He also became the 1st Duke of Normandy. He had a son William the 1st, who had a son, Richard 1st born 932 died 996, 3rd Duke of Normandy. He had a son Richard 2nd, who died 1026, 4th Duke of Normandy, who had a son Robert 1st, who died 1035, the 5th Duke of Normandy & Reigned 1027-1035 as Duke of Normandy.

He had a son who became William the Conqueror, born 1027 died 1087, he was Duke of Normandy (1054- 1066) & then became King of England (1066-1087). William was the illegitimate son of Robert 1st of Normandy, and his concubine, Herleva, or Priette the daughter of a burgher. 

Some of the names of Titled Families  the Mingays'  intermarried and  became related. The first being William the Conqueror, in 1066 when a Mingay who came from Normandy was related to William.

When the Mingay’s came to this Country, some say they were Vikings. Some say that they were probably Saxon, people who formerly dwelt in Germany, and those who invaded England in the 5th and 6th centuries. Some say they Norman, a native of Normandy, who came over with William the Conqueror in 1066.

In the early years the surname was most likely to have been recorded by Scribes, as they saw, and the way that they spoke, phonetically. It was shown that the 1st record of the name Mingay was found in Midlothian, where they were granted lands by Malcolm Canimore, King of Scotland. Malcolm 1st reigned (943 to 954), if, as some think, that they landed in the Hebrides long before William 1066 then they could be Scandinavian.Fictn009.wmf (349718 bytes)

This is where the researchers got their information from, and the mystery that surrounds the surname Mingay, as we spell it today, and the different ways that they recorded it as a Norman Surname, at the time which was ranked as one of the oldest. These are some of the places that they have taken records from, the Doomsday Book, that was compiled by William the Conqueror, and other ancient manuscripts, such as the Ragman Rolls, the Wace Poem, the Honour Roll, of the Battle Abbey, The Curis Regis, Pipe Rolls, the Falaise Roll, Tar Records, Baptismal, Family Genealogies, Local Parish and Church records and most reliable the wills they left.

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