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Mingay History Part 5

This next part of the Mingay history, is about the Bourchier. family Earls of Essex, and who they became related to. I could only find five sons, they are:-

John De Bourchier (died 1330) was a Judge; Justice of Assize for Kent, Surrey, and Sussex 1315; Justice of Common bench 1321 till his death.

Henry Bourchier (died 1483) 1st Earl of Essex, created Earl of Essex 1461.Great-grandson of Robert Bourchier. Lieutenant-General, under Duke of York in France 1440; Captain of Crotoy, Picardy 1443; married Isabel, aunt of Edward 4th; treasurer of England 1455-1456, and in 1471-1483 was with March and Warwick at the Battle of Northampton 1460.

John Bourchier (1467-1533) 2nd Baron Berners; Marshal of Surrey’s army in Scotland 1513; Chancellor of exchequer 1516 accompanied John Kite, Archbishop of Armagh, to Spain to negotiate alliance between Henry 8th and Charles 5th 1518. He attended Henry at Field of Cloth of Gold 1520. Was Deputy of Calais 1520-1533; and published translation of books.

Henry Bourchier (died 1539) 2nd Earl of Essex; and member of Henry 7ths privy council. Captain of Henry 8ths bodyguard and served at Terouenne and Tournay in1513. He was Chief Captain of King’s forces in 1514 and attended Henry at Guisnes in1520.

Sir John Bourchier (died 1660) was M.P.for Ripon in 1645 and one of Charles 1st judges. In 1648 he signed his death-warrant and was a member of council of state in1651,and 1652.

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